Beth Donovan grew up on Long Island where coffee was caw-fee brewed from Chock Full of Nuts or Maxwell House. When the coffee industry exploded, beans started arriving from far away places such as Asia, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean. The burlap sacks used to ship the coffee tell the unique stories of growers and plantations. These silk screened sacks are used to create the totes of Donovan Designs, a simple design with no two bags exactly the same. The lining materials are mostly scrounged from local second hand stores of Provincetown. This tote re-purposing venture is a synergy of many worlds.

Donovan's textile passion extends to bow ties and mittens. The mittens are sewn with cashmere and merino wool upcycled from gently worn sweaters.

Donovan works in studios in Provincetown, Massachusetts and Northwestern Connecticut.

Coffee Bean Bag Tote

Bow Ties!

Anchor Collection

Beth in her Workshop

Assorted Bags

Wine Tote

Mittens made from reclaimed cashmere