During Bill’s years of hitchhiking and traveling across the United States and other countries, such as the Philippines and Jamaica during his Peace Corps days, he witnessed the tremendous varieties of native birds and floral creations.  These he incorporates into many of his elegant designs.

Bill’s career as a blacksmith started back many years ago in northern Vermont where he lived on a small farm.  Bill’s mother was his primary influence when it came to art and his love of flowers.  Add to that their farrier, who came to shoe their horses.  Watching him work at his forge and anvil hammering those hot horseshoes into shape, Bill developed a curiosity for the craft.  He attended a farrier course at Oregon State University and went on to shoe horses for many years.  He eventually built his own shop and forge with the help of his young daughter, who spent many hours cranking the blower for the forge.  He then started creating household items for family and clients and then started playing around with creating flowers.

His beautiful, flowing interpretations of floral designs turned into his real passion, and it shows with his attention to detail and creativity.

Bill would enjoy a visit from you, and like most 7th generation Vermonters, he doesn’t have a lot to say, but as he says, “I can be motivated”