Working with wire is like drawing three-dimensional pictures in air.  It’s much more than reshaping tightly wound wire from a spool. It’s about making real things-- baskets, sculpture, and jewelry-- that visualize ideas, reflect emotions, and show a sense of humor and wit.  To me, art in our lives should be about provoking reactions, stimulating memories, creating smiles, and making connections. 

Born and raised on a little island in the Seattle area, I attended college in Chicago (BA Psychology Northwestern University, minors in art history and literature), then graduate school in Washington DC (MBA Marketing, George Washington University) with a career in advertising and marketing the arts in mind.

After several years in corporate life, concurrent with showing artwork in galleries, I realized my life was much happier in the studio than in the conference room.  So I switched careers and for thirty years now have been happily creating artwork from my home-based studio that looks out on the iconic Space Needle and downtown Seattle.

Birds, various sizes, annealed steal, papers

Dot to Dot Baskets, stainless or annealed steel, glass beads

Kaleidoscope Basket- annealed steel, papers

Happify 1957, annealed steel, plastic discs 

Freshwater Fish - stainless steel, paper, beads

Rhythm Baskets- annealed steel, found objects

Sally Prangley

Checkers Basket, annealed steel, papers

Morocco Basket, annealed steel

At Sign Icon, annealed steel, papers

Wildflowers- annealed steel, papers, beads

Hammered Square Necklace- annealed steel

Ampersand Icon - annealed steel, papers

Spring Reds Fish - stainless steel, paper, beads

Hammered Ball Earrings- stainless steel or annealed steel

Sally in creative action!

Paper and Wire Heart Earrings - annealed steel, papers

Nest Baskets, assorted sizes, stainless steel or annealed steel